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Report Back from Haiti and Ti Maché Trunk Sale Event!

Come check out the children's work from our May/June 2009 Photography Workshops and past Workshops! We'll report on our recent trip, our first digital Photo Workshop with 30 kids at ACFFC in Jacmel, and our new collaboration with a group of 25 children in Cite Soleil. The Haitian Folk Art Sale benefits our programs with street children in Haiti - we are fundraising for our new school sponsorship program so young children can begin their education in September, for our continuing program that finances school and rent for 12 teens, and our outreach programs. Join us at the Palo Alto home of our generous partner who assisted us in Haiti, Susan Bradley!...

2009 Cite Soleil Photography Workshop

Zanmi Lakay collaborated with Jean Ristil and his organization Fondasyon Kolezepol in Cite Soleil with a Photography Workshop for 25 children in May and June 2009. Students were taught the basics of photography including composition, light, how to approach people, and obtaining access. We shared many examples of photography, and Jean inspired the kids with a serious dose of spirited challenge...and they were up to the task. Zanmi Lakay brought donations for the group and provided treats for the last day fete, and were also generously entertained with beautiful songs and dance by many new friends.

2009 ACFFC Digital Photography Workshop

In May and June 2009 Zanmi Lakay had our third Photography Workshop with 30 talented children at ACFFC, and Zanmi Lakay's very first digital photography workshop in Haiti! It was exciting and crazy and chaotic and inspiring and totally worth every second! It was also a community effort from the camera collecting, computer guruing, editing, and translating, to the popcorn making and organizing of the final slideshow and family party and the end of the week. The children's work will be on the website soon.