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Photo of the Week – #5

Wishing everyone peace (lapè) in the New Year! Concert in Les Cayes Members of Lafanmi Selavi's Serum Band play a concert fro the town of Les Cayes promoting Aristide's message of "You can't have peace in your head until you have peace in your stomach." 1997©Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon

Photo of the Week – #4

Some of our very first School Sponsorship students. Two of the young boys are orphan brothers - Ralph and Kensley (2nd from L and far R) - and the other three are children from homeless families all living together in the abandoned building that was once Lafanmi Selavi, a home for street children in Port-au-Prince. 2009©Jennifer Pantaléon

Our 2012 Calendar is here! Enjoy the work of our students all year long!

Zanmi Lakay has calendars for sale! They are 11" x 17", full color, the months and days of the week are in Kréyol, and it features 12 beautiful photographs taken by our awesome photo students during Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto 2011, our first annual Photo Camp for children in Haiti. Here is the cover. You can send a check, purchase directly from the blog (thank you Guy for the special sidebar easy checkout), or contact me if you're local - we can arrange delivery. Cost is $25.00 each, and $30.50 if we need to mail.  

Photo of the Week – #3

We love this image and made it part of a set of postcards many years ago. Edy, the photographer, is now 30 years old and has a beautiful daughter of his own, Naphtalie, in our School Sponsorship Program. Here's a link to more of our students' photo galleries: http://www.zanmilakayblog.org/?page_id=149 A great shot taken with a manual SLR camera and Tri-X film during our very first Photography Workshops in 1997 at Lafanmi Selavi. 1997©Edy Jn Jiles, age 16/Lafanmi Selavi Photography Workshops

Photo of the Week – #2

Although we gave out specific assignments during our Photography Workshops after the earthquake, what our students actually did - making the decision as a group - was to challenge themselves to shoot the stories of their lives better than all those foreign photographers coming into their country. We told them to go for it! We all love this shot by Lamar, one of our stars from Kolézépol in Cité Soleil, who walked all around downtown Port-au-Prince finding moments that captured the devastation of his capital city. A woman walks our of the shadows of completely collapsed buildings in Port-au-Prince. February 2010. 2010©Lamar Wistlyn, age ...

Photo of the Week – #1

(Our photography experiences including documentation of our work and the photographs taken by our students needs to be shared so we're starting 'Photo of the Week', a new visual treat featuring images along with a few words from the vast Zanmi Lakay archives. Enjoy!) Back in 2004 we were teaching street children in our Photography Workshops how to use shutter speeds and fstops with manual SLR film cameras, but we only had a few and the kids needed to share. I made each student a cardboard camera to practice 'seeing' with, and I called them 'Nikons' because at that time everyone in Haiti was calling cameras 'kodaks'. Jn Marc is still with Zanmi ...