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Photo of the Week #10

This is Haila, she loves school and we've been sponsoring her for the last three years. She is eight years old and now living in a homemade shack with her parents and another family in an empty lot where others have been building little shacks too. (Port-au-Prince) 2012©Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon

T-Rosemond and Ital Souls Reggae Night in support of Zanmi Lakay

Zanmi Lakay is super excited to be the recipient of these musical fundraising efforts and want to thank Toby Seeger, Rosemond Jolissaint, and all of the musicians and volunteers for their support! T-Rosemond began his music career as a street performer in Haiti, singing his original songs inspired by the homeless street children. He won the first Digicel Stars (Haiti's version of Amercan Idol) contest as the youngest contestant by popular vote. His lyrics resonate with people living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet. Wherever he performs, he captures his audience through his compelling songwriting and beautiful voice. After relocating to ...

Photo of the Week #9

Youth empowerment (girl power!) happening at Radyo Timoun. Naphtalie (in yellow), one of the children we sponsor for school, prepares her radio show with other girls in the studios at the Aristide Foundation in Tabarre. Radyo Timoun has made a comeback since former president Aristide returned to Haiti. 2012©Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon

Photo of the Week #8

Guy and I brought Papouche to Jacmel to live at ACFFC one year ago, and last month we watched him sparkle in the streets with his beautiful dance troupe during the annual Kanaval parade. Thank you ACFFC! We're proud and grateful that Papouche is happy and thriving in his new home. (I've known him for 15 years. Out of all the kids I know in Haiti, he's my favorite all time photo subject. He was looking extra special a couple of weeks ago...) 2012 © Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon

Photo of the Week #7

More Kanaval! The Chaloskas 2011©Jouvens Lauture, age 14, (ACFFC), February 2011. Jacmel, Haiti. (look up Chaloska for a great story!)