Assignment: Kanaval 2011 – covered by 6 ACFFC student photojournalists

Our Photography Workshops continued on our most recent trip to Haiti in February and March this year as we shared actual exhibits with our classes in Jacmel and Cité Soleil. We wanted our students to experience their photographs up on walls being seen and shared just as they had been in four exhibits in the U.S. last year. We also had group slideshows, certificates were given to each student in Cité Soleil along with bags of food, they told us how much they love it all and want better equipment, and volunteers came to speak with the students! We also introduced them to the idea of our 2011 Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto – our annual Photo Camp beginning this July, and we couldn’t contain the excitement. More details to come on that coverage!

In our class at Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC), six of our student photojournalists were willing to take on the task of covering Jacmel’s 2011 Kanaval. As most of you know, Kanaval was cancelled last year because of the earthquake, and Zanmi Lakay shared our love with the artisan community by sponsoring the Silent Artists Procession on February 7, 2010. That made it all the more important to be there this year celebrating the creativity that emerged from a heartbreaking year. The assignment was to photograph Haiti’s Kanaval festivities so that people that had never experienced it would understand why we love it so much. Each student shot political candidates including Michel Martelly, and most took photos of the cholera troupe that came through the parade. They are all fully aware of the profound circumstances in which they are now living and will be the first to admit that they want to be a part of the solutions and the healing. These photographers used point and shoot digital cameras, and although some of the cameras performed at less than standard, we think the students more than accomplished their goals. Enjoy!


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