Earthquake in Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti has been completely devastating. I encourage all of you to seek out information of the widespread damage and ways to help. Right now there is still so much chaos that it is hard to tell exactly what is going on, but we are sure it will be horrific for many. Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross are already working and are a good start. We will also need more help for the hundreds of children we work with.

Guy and I were planning on going to Haiti on January 25th and we are still going. Susan Bradley, who came with us last year and is now on the Board of Directors, is also coming with us. Our priorities have of course changed and we will be assessing the best possible ways to help in the coming days. We already have Care Bags, donations, and medical supplies, but will need more funds and are completely open to your ideas and suggestions.

Thanks to all of you for your calls, emails, and support. Let’s all work to channel that energy into helping Haiti.

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