Earthquake Relief Update

Dear Friends,

First I would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support for us, for Haiti, and for the outpouring of love and mobilization during this devastating crisis.

Guy and I have had to change our tickets because American Airlines cancelled our flight to PauP. We are flying in via the DR January 26th and making our way into Haiti-the alternative route being taken to get in.

We have all the medical supplies and Care Bags we can carry, have secured a vehicle once we’re in PauP, and are bringing cash to buy and deliver food and supplies to our family, the children in our programs, and other groups we collaborate with.

One of Guy’s good friends is a doctor and we are bringing him supplies. It was Dr. Max’s idea to go out into the streets to help people and we will be with him while checking on our kids. We still have not heard from any of the group of children in our programs that have been living in abandoned buildings including the old Lafanmi Selavi house. Five of these kids are fully sponsored for school through Zanmi Lakay, and we are very concerned.

We will be going into Cite Soleil with our friend, Jean Ristil who lost family members and still wants us to have a Workshop with his children in the Kolezepol program. Two of the recipients of our School Sponsorship program are also in his, and we are anxious to see them all.

We will also be going to Jacmel, and have been receiving calls from our guys down there as well as artists we work with. Digicel gave out free phone cards and we are so thankful to be receiving mostly good news about our boys, the amazing artists, and the crew at ACFFC.

The good news is that there is life and we are in awe at the resilience and strength and dignity of the Haitian people, and the bad news is that there is much misery and need, and water, food, and aid are not getting to them.

Please keep Haiti and her people in your hearts, and share in the momentum of a call to action. The U.S. government and military need to know that we all care about how efficient and effective the aid efforts are, and especially how the Haitian people are being treated. Write letters, share information, stay concerned, keep Haiti in the news, and give generously with your time and money. This devastating tragedy will not be going away any time soon (although the media might once the sensationalistic and negative news dissipates), and it is up to all of us to keep the momentum going supporting the Haitian people and the rebuilding of beautiful Haiti.

Much love and strength,

Jen Pantaléon

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