Haiti Relief Donation Based Class with Debbie Steingesser & Live Music by Marla Leigh

What’s New at Bernal Yoga?

MLK Day January, 18th (12:00-1:30pm)

Suggested donation $10-$15 [Any amount you would like to give is welcome, please bring cash or checks. Checks can be made out directly to Zanmi Lakay ,a Bay Area based non-profit, dedicated to helping Haitian children.]

Join us on Martin Luther King day for a special extended yoga class with live music to raise money for Haitian Earthquake victims. 100% of the proceeds will go to Zanmi Lakay, a Bay Area based non-profit organization dedicated to helping Haitian Children. Jen who runs the non-profit will be showing documentary photos from Haiti in the lobby and will be available to talk about her non-profit or answer
any questions about their work in Haiti. Jen and her husband Guy, who is Haitian, are very grateful for all the support.