Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto 2011 – Project Overview and Exhibition Slideshow

Zanmi Lakay’s Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto 2011 was a fantastic success!

Staff and students from Kole Zepol in Cité Soleil joined us and Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) in a first ever collaborative community photography project in Jacmel, Haiti. Seven volunteer professionals came from the U.S. partnering with Haitian staff and translators to work with 43 photojournalism students ages 11-23. Our base camp was at ACFFC, and we divided up into three teams, had three computer editing stations, tracked all daily assignments on a chalk board, and kept Serge, our local Taptap driver, very busy.

During the three days of shooting their assignments in and around Jacmel of daily life including at the markets, butchers, churches, cock fights, beaches, hospitals, sports fields, rivers, and artisan studios, following the work of  local and international organizations, and even catching some shots of the Haitian President, the student photographers made over 12,100 digital images.

After all the editing, 70 large prints were made for the final exhibition at the Fosaj Gallery. An additional 216 images were chosen from extra daily assignments to create four large collages:  colors of the Haitian Flag, an Homage to the Elders, Self Portraits, and Motos. We also put together a slideshow of fun outtakes and extra photos taken by students and team members that continuously ran during the reception.

The Exhibition Reception on July 29, 2011, was packed! The capacity crowd included the student photojournalists, their photo subjects, family and friends, the entire Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto team, local artisans, drummers, the Gran Lakou dance troupe plus young ACFFC dancers, Zel Maturin Kanaval devils by Troupe Flambeau, and others that came to celebrate something beautiful. Although it rained and the lights went out three times (with collective boos and cheers), the partying continued with flashlights and popcorn. The best part was witnessing the pride of the young photographers as their peers and community viewed their work with such appreciation and respect. Bon bagay!

Each student made at least one of these 70 images that were printed large for our exhibition at the FOSAJ Gallery. Enjoy the show!

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