Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto 2013 Student Exhibition Galleries

The 2013 Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto Exhibition at the Fosaj Art Center was a beautiful success! The people of Jacmel warmed our hearts by showing up en masse to support the work of our students. There were also family and friends, and local subjects that posed during our outdoor studio sessions came to view their photos and received free prints. It was a hot and packed evening celebrating photography and community that also included a running Making of Jouk Li Jou slideshow, and students from our business development class were awarded certificates to cheers from the crowd. Papouche and his Explosion Dance Troupe rocked the house while Amanous and his Kanaval Zel Maturin clapped their wooden devil wings to our Jouk Li Jou! chants.

The full exhibition consisted of two gallery sections-daily assignment prints and portrait prints, translated caption cards for each print with student portraits, a collage of red/blue/green photos reflecting the Haitian flag, Michou Joissaint’s mirror mosaic in the middle of the self-portrait collage, Bruno Rene’s specially painted canvas backdrop, a take away card in Kréyol and English, and an informational panel with our group shot.

Each student had at least one printed 13″ x 19″ image in the gallery of daily assignments, and then a variety of students worked together to photograph the 31 portraits of local subjects for the outdoor studio session gallery.

Click on the photos below to view the galleries. Enjoy the show!

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