I am a Washington, DC-based social documentary photographer and storyteller, currently enrolled in the New Media Photojournalism Masters Program at the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at the George Washington University.

Through visual journalism projects close to home and around the world, I seek to inform, educate and raise awareness. For me, photography is about capturing real, unstaged moments that convey people’s stories and bring subject and viewer together through the universal language of an image. I believe visual media can be a powerful means to encourage dialogue, promote connection and compassion, and inspire social change.

The perspective I bring to photography is truly unique. I have experience as an attorney advocating on behalf of non-profits and organizing fundraising projects for global causes, as well as extensive international travel and service work. My point of view is thoughtful, creative and global in scope.

I have produced documentary projects for several local and national non-profit organizations, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Off the Mat, Into the World, Miriam’s Kitchen and Split This Rock. My work has been featured in Yoga Journal magazine and several online media outlets.

I am available for storytelling projects in the DC area and around the globe.

~ Kristin Adair