Steve Walker is a graduate of UC Berkeley (1990) and lives in Lafayette, raising a family there with his wife Sue. After working with computers for 12 years (for companies like Bechtel, Hammersly Technology, Cohesive, 3Com, Good, and Exodus), Steve decided it was time to bring excellent technology to smaller companies. In 2003, he started the company that became Cobaltix. Over the past decade plus, he has done a great deal of technology work himself (although he leaves that to others now), has hired incredibly smart people, and has had the great luck to have incredible clients.

As of late, in addition to running the company (and being always being the person most concerned with quality and excellent service), Steve has been working closely with non-profit clients (like ICA, Bay Area Discovery Museum, and LEAP), and also working with organizations such as Zanmi Lakay (teaching photography and technology skills to teenagers in Haiti).