School Sponsorship Program

If you were ever interested in making a tax deductible donation to Zanmi Lakay then now is a great time because school starts next month and we’re sponsoring two groups of children.

Our School Sponsorship Program is brand new and began during our trip earlier this year. Currently it has eight students signed up, and only six are sponsored. Four of these kids are starting school for the first time, and the other four are in their first years. It is $250.00 a year to sponsor one of these children-this includes school fees, uniform, and books.

Our Teens in Transition Program is continuing and has 12 students both in Classical School and Trade Schools. The cost is $300.00 per teen plus $150.00 for shared rented rooms. These amounts do not reflect food and transportation and living expenses.

We have options because we want to create easy opportunities for you to help, and somehow all of the children on our list will be in school this year. You can sponsor a child in full or partially, and if you wish we can make the sponsorship personal and give you a photo and information along with updates about the child, and then also let the child know who you are. You can send a check to Zanmi Lakay or donate on our blog or web site. Most of these kids we have known for many years, and the youngest are children of these children. Help us stop the cycle of homeless children in Haiti!

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