Teaching Photography in Haiti – Video about Zanmi Lakay’s Photography Workshops

Yay! Kuba’s video about our Photography Workshops in Haiti is viewer ready! Zanmi Lakay has been teaching photography to street children in Haiti since 1997, and we’re excited to finally share this first person account about how photography can teach, heal, and empower these kids. What can we say? Kuba (Jakub Mosur) worked his tail off in Haiti following Michou, one of our star students, around constantly so he wouldn’t miss anything, and still fully participated as an equal team leader during our first Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto in 2011 (he came in 2012 too!). His standards are the highest, and we’re incredibly lucky and proud to be part of his first official video project! Our heartfelt thanks to Kuba, and to the entire staff and all of kids at Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC)!

A little note from Kuba:

Hello Friends,

I would like to share a short film I produced on the wonderful work Jen and Guy Pantaléon do, teaching Haitian kids photojournalism in Jacmel, Haiti. I focused my story on Michou Joissaint, one of the brightest photo students I’ve ever met, during the “Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto” Photography Workshop. All the still photos featured in the film were taken by Michou. Thank you for watching.

Jakub “Kuba” Mosur


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