Thank you for helping us reach our goal on Indiegogo!

Thank you to everyone who donated to Zanmi Lakay in support of Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto 2012 on Indiegogo! We’re thrilled that you all helped us reach our goal.

This will be another amazing project and will benefit 50 kids, their family, friends, and community. You all made it happen! We leave Tuesday to get it going on!! We will post updates here and on our Facebook page as often as possible to keep  you informed about the project. Again, thank you!!

Gunce Lominy
Bill Bollendorf
Laurel True
Judy Hoffman
Fatima Nejame
Steve Bigler
Sandy Hunter
Maureen Coyne
Maggie Evans
Marie Arago
Eva Martinez
Mindi Hadan
Becky Bond
Beethoven Roberts
John Armstrong
Paul Weitzel
Erin Harris
Molly Dye
Shelley Eades
Sharon Simpson
Susan Roper
Susan Bradley
Mark Tuschman
and multiple anonymous folks!
In memory of Kelly Cullen
Don Kramer
Polly Rowell
In Honor of Allison Davis
Kent Roger
Joan Baez
Robbie Rendahl
Martha Martinez
Dilla Djalil Daniel
Gloria Simoneaux
Allen Sullivan
Maggie Steber
Jennifer Dorner
Deana Jirak
Nan and Chris Foster
Michael-Flynn Cullen
Sally Fairfax
Erin Lubin
Tim Scott
Susan Skelly
Bob Rescino
Myriam Chancy
Kim Curtis
Lewis Watts
Marcia Settel
Kerry Rogers and Mark Olson
Bill Podger
Anne Etheridge
Michael Moore
Kristin Adair
David Glotzer
Chip Chipman
Leo Wesson
Charles English
Melinda Miles
Dick Carlson
Else Kramer
Jennifer Usherr
Cecilia Garrity
Mark Langan
Nancy Josephson
Jack Palma
Amy Hadan
Beth Loudenberg
Tom DeRego


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