Thank you from the Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto 2014 Team!!!

A HUGE thank you to all of our friends and believers who have supported our efforts giving your time, funding and supplies to empower youth in Haiti to improve their lives and strengthen their communities! Together we raised at least 102% for our 4th annual Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto campaign, and completed enough of our 2014 Wish List to successfully carry out our agenda! It is extremely gratifying to know that every camera, piece of equipment, and computer were donated by you!

Big thanks to our creative and hardworking incredible students from Cité Soleil and Jacmel who are the future of Haiti! We have an overwhelming appreciation to the local Jacmel community who generously gave their time and patience so our students could make beautiful images.

Special thanks to our volunteers from Haiti and the U.S. who worked with our students every day to make Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto such a huge success!


 Joel Pétion, Translator and Zanmi Lakay’s Haiti Program Director
Rodolph LaPoint, Translator
Frantz “Papouche” Nicholas, ACFFC, Jouk Li Jou Assistant
Georges Metellus, Director of ACFFC
Kristin Adair, Photographer
Susan Bradley, Photographer
Maggie Evans, Dream Counselor, Assistant
Steve Walker, Businessman, Computer Lab Coach
Annika Walker, Student, Computer Lab Coach

Additional thanks to: ACFFC, Charity4Life, Clif Bar, Hotel Cyvadier, Jacques Bartoli, and Michael Cleverly!
We will post updates as we can so everyone can share in the amazing activities we have planned. Thank you to our crew of volunteers who worked so hard fundraising and getting all of the equipment we need including 10 computers!

We are thrilled and humbled by your generosity. Know that our work together with the kids is truly important, and we love that you are all on board our Jouk Li Jou team making it happen! Mesi anpil!


big love!

Jen and Guy Pantaléon


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