Zanmi Lakay’s Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto 2012- our second annual Photo Camp for Haitian Youth

Our second annual Photo Camp for Haitian Youth is July 19-28, 2012!

This year we are expanding with 50 young photography students from Cité Soleil and Jacmel who will learn and work together for 10 days along with volunteer professional photographers, supporters, and  Haitian staff to shoot, edit, produce, print, and then design and hang a huge photo show for a month long exhibit.

Please consider making a donation to this epic teaching and exhibit event and help us reach our fundraising goal of $8,500.00! Every little bit helps and we can’t do it without you!

Once again our base camp is Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) in Jacmel. Guy and Jennifer Pantaléon will lead Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto with an amazing team of volunteer supporters and professional photographers including Joel Petion, Zanmi Lakay’s Director in Haiti. Staff from ACFFC and Kolézepol (our partners in Cité Soleil) will be helping with translation, the students, and facilitating the project.

The opening night community reception at the Fosaj Gallery in Jacmel is Friday July 27, 2012, and everyone is invited!

Jouk Li Jou is a Haitian saying that means: we’ll never stop until the day is over, working hard to see a better life, and we’ll keep fighting to the end. Our students, their families and community, and our volunteer team are all about Jouk Li Jou no matter what happens in Haiti, and it shows in the dedication and hard work by all on this project. Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto was established to celebrate community by sharing the visual stories of daily life, and this event reflects our student’s resilience, dignity, and enduring spirit as well as talent, learned skills, and creativity.

Photo by Harold Jean Baptiste, age 12, ACFFC

Michou and Yolene enjoy the opening night reception, 2011. (photo by Jakub Mosur)

Tico works his assignment at the soccer match, 2011. (photo by Kerry Rodgers)

Pouchy, Kelly, Pierre, and Lamar check out their work on assignment. (photo by Kerry Rodgers)

Adeline and Nadej work their assignment with farmers in the countryside, 2011. (photo by Shelley Eades)

Jouvens, Yves, Yolande, Tico, and Mackenson en route to the cock fight assignment, 2011. (photo by Jakub Mosur)


– TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS NEEDED: We need to raise $8,500.00 for shipping/airline luggage fees, lodging and food, press badges for photo students and volunteer staff, transportation and gas, equipment, donation for the gallery, beer/soda/popcorn at the exhibit reception (popcorn made by the ladies at ACFFC), local printing for exhibit take away card, fees to artists that make our banners and signs, costumes and supplies for reception performers, our Cité Soleil students and Haitian translators and staff.

– Sponsor a youth from Cité Soleil to attend our Photo Camp! If we get enough sponsors, 10 of our Cité Soleil photo students will travel with us to Jacmel. $300 covers each student’s food, lodging and transportation. – 9 sponsored

50 Working Digital Point and Shoot Cameras (we’ll take dslr’s too!)It looks like we’ll have enough cameras!!

40 SD 2 gig+ cards and 10 Flash 1gig+ cards for cameras – 50 SD cards plus extras!

At least 6 good working Laptops – we have received 6!

4 External Hard Drives at $70.00 each (Costco) – We have 4 hard drives

2 Thumb Drives – we have received 2 thumb drives

1 more Epson Workforce Inkjet Printer – we have 2 large format printers (WF 1100 & WF 7010)

–  20 sets each Ink Cartridges for Epson Workforce 1100 and Epson Workforce 7010 – we’ve purchased the ink

–  250 sheets of premium matte or lustre inkjet 13″ x 19″ heavyweight Photographic Paper – we have 250 sheets

2 Ink Cartridges for each small donated Epson Printer: Epson PM 260 and an Epson PM 650got’em

200 AA Batteries for cameras – we’ve got 250+ batteries

Museum Putty to hang prints and caption cards – we’ve got the poster putty

50 compact Reporting Notebooks and Pens for students – we have received all pens and notebooks!


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