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Guy Pantaléon

Guy Pantaléon was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and moved to the U.S. and has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. While growing up in Haiti, soccer was his life and he played for the well-known Haitian football team, Etoile Haitienne, later on coaching and managing his own successful team, Vasco de Delmas. He met and got to know many people while working at the famous Hotel Oloffson in Port-au-Prince, including his future wife. Since 1998, Guy has become indispensable as a reporter, translator, teacher, guide, and counselor while working with the street children in Haiti.

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Kristin Adair

I am a Washington, DC-based social documentary photographer and storyteller, currently enrolled in the New Media Photojournalism Masters Program at the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at the George Washington University. Through visual journalism projects close to home and around the world, I seek to inform, educate and raise awareness. For me, photography is about capturing real, unstaged moments that convey people’s stories and bring subject and viewer together through the universal language of an image. I believe visual media can be a powerful means to encourage dialogue, promote connection and compassion, and inspire social ...

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Joshua Curry

I got my start in photography in the late 80s shooting skateboarding. I had a few friends that were sponsored and we stomped around California looking for new spots. Mostly, we skated the Bay Area. I ended up at San Francisco State University and soaked up the endless bound volumes of Life magazine, as well as shooting all over San Francisco. While there, I covered the Rodney King​ riots, the Oakland Hills fires, and all kinds of political protests. Returning to Georgia, I worked for the Associated Press​ covering tornadoes and had a few blips on the wire from small town police departments. I went back to school at the Atlanta College of Art ...

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Steve Walker

Steve Walker is a graduate of UC Berkeley (1990) and lives in Lafayette, raising a family there with his wife Sue. After working with computers for 12 years (for companies like Bechtel, Hammersly Technology, Cohesive, 3Com, Good, and Exodus), Steve decided it was time to bring excellent technology to smaller companies. In 2003, he started the company that became Cobaltix. Over the past decade plus, he has done a great deal of technology work himself (although he leaves that to others now), has hired incredibly smart people, and has had the great luck to have incredible clients. As of late, in addition to running the company (and being always being ...

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Jakub Mosur


Jennifer Cheek Pantaléon